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Hello and Welcome, I am Ann from the Meganni Franklyn Healing Training School nestled in the mist-kissed lands of Scotland.  For a long time I have been working with the energies of healing, my journey as a healer commencing in the  year of 2006. Witnessing the harmonious convergence of time and space, I have woven ancient teachings into digital courses , inviting people from every corner of the world to partake in the sacred art of healing.  I have been and continue to study with some of Scotland's finest teachers across various therapeutic disciplines, enhancing my knowledge so that I can enrich yours. May this wisdom be your compass, guiding you to forge your own path towards a thriving sanctuary of healing and light.

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Access  hours of amazing courses including  step-by-step instructions, manuals and support directly from Ann (tutor).  The world is in need of more compassion and love and we can help to share these amazing therapies to help lift the vibrations of the planet by lifting the spirits of our clients.

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 Hot Stone Fully Accredited Training 4.60 Course Rating WF Wendy Fitzgerald  5.0 out of 5 Wonderful course, thanks Ann for making it so interesting and easy to comprehend.  Instructor 


Hot Stone Fully Accredited Training 4.60 Course Rating  Ann Bree Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Ihave been looking for therapy courses for a long time & I came across hot stone therapy , which I have found to be absolutely amazing, I have really enjoyed this course & will be looking to do more. Thanks again Ann x

-Ann Bree

A very useful course that provides the basics for anyone learning about facial treatments. I learned a lot about holistic facial. Thank you Ann Mulgrew!

Pamela Espenoza

just straight forward instruction without waffle or jargon with clear demonstrations and a handbook to go back over what has been learned in a simple and concise manner, ann speaks in a manner that despite her scottish accent is very easily comprehended and her courses are just simple and without the ums and aws and pausing so well done ann on another amazing course 

Aoife Malloy

I am learning a lot about the body and how reflexology can help the body. It makes me excited that I can help others achieve more wellness in their lives.

Nancy Lawson
We are all that

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All of Ann's  courses are accredited with IPHM Accreditation.  Ann has been a therapist since 2005 at Dundee College Itec Level Diploma.
Each course includes your manual, video and certificate upon fully completed.

In these course, you will dive into the world of holistic therapies and learn how to heal naturally and help others. By the end of this course, you will gain proficiency not only in helping to heal yourself but for your clients as well.